Free your senses in this amazing place that is blessed with a rich collection of exotic fauna and flora. A sudden screech of a green parrot, astonished eyes of a deer, proud blinking of a vibrant peacock or flicker of a baby monkey swinging through the trees overhead; certainly, you are going to live in a completely different atmosphere. Spend a night under the starry sky and nod your head with the hypnotic beat of ‘Dhamsa Madal’. Feel the aroma of tribal culture and mythological stories into the wilderness.
Explore a heritage town that speaks the language of terracotta; witness history, embracing the religious warmth and spectacular artwork in different forms. Find ultimate solace in solitude in the Birthplace of the ‘Holy Mother’ indulging yourself in eternal peace.

Popular Destinations in Bankura

Explore the joy of getting lost in solitude, feel the unspoiled nature, satisfy your soul offering a marvelous outing in the lap of purity.

Tour Packages

If all these have made you excited and you started to envision your holiday plan already, you are at the perfect place to take a virtual tour. Be ready to make some unforgettable moments amidst the lavish green, tranquil hills, an adventure of the wilderness, living history, sacred pilgrimage and tales of terracotta. The country of ‘Rangamati’ and ‘Shal-Palash’ may be the perfect catalyst for breaking the monotony of your mundane city life.